Adware Popunder Traffic

Adware pop under Traffic is nothing but pop under ads which are served via help of software’s which are distributed by companies offering free services. For example If you have ever downloaded some free smiles stuff you will see that they ask you to check on agree terms box and then push the free adware through with the so called free product. This adware however doesn’t harm your computer in any regards but rather identifies your activities by studying your surfing behavior and keeping track of the activities taking place in URL bar. So when you hit a site called as url and hits enter, it identifies the url as and pop under for similar shopping site (which is active advertiser paying the adware partner for serving the ads) will appear. Through such a approach a very precise targeting technology is provided to the advertisers.

Contextual pop under technology also makes sure that’s the ads are poped under the current window so make sure the user doesn’t clicks on it with out intent. With specified keywords and URL targeting contextual pop under advertising is probably the cheapest way to advertising on internet. With display media gaining control in the market after high google and overture cpc stuff, Popunder advertising is one of the cheapest source of driving quality and volumes for new sites.