How does Popunder Advertising works?
Popunder Ads are those ads which are served behind the current site windows, they are poped behind the user current window. Popunders are very effective way or advertising if targeted properly

Do you also deal in Popup Traffic?
YES, we do deal in popup advertising, but popunder are effectively better compared to popup from marketing point of view

How can you Set up a campaign with
Just drop us an email and we will appoint an dedicated account manager to handle your request and take you further with Media campaign set up and other stuff

Where does Banner ads show up?
We have a publisher base of 1200+ web sites, based on your campaign budget, targeting and other selected options ads will appear. for bigger budgets branding stuff you can see your ads being placed on sites like Yahoo, MSN etc

How much daily Popunder Traffic is available with
We have an inventory of about 3 million unique impressions per day for Popunder ads

How much time it usually takes for campaign to go live?
Once you make the payments for Media campaigns we can get them up like with in 24 business hrs

What payment options are available?
Bitcoin, Paxum, Paypal & bank wire Transfer

Is the traffic unique?
We can target upto 30 days unique traffic, both for Popunder & Banner traffic campaigns

How much do you charge for Popunder ads & Banner ads?
Cost for both Popunder ads & banner ads varies based on the targeting options, Popunder ads start from $0.50 CPM onwards where as banner ads start from $0.15 CPM

How do you target geographies for Media ads?
Geographic targeting is done based on the ip Address

can you handle Adult or 18+ ads?
yes, if you have campaign which is Adult in nature and is not suitable for general audience, we can place you specifically on Adult targeted channel to make sure they are served to the desired and targeted audience

Any more queries from you feel free to reach us

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