Structural Search Optimization (SSEO)

The real key to SEO is time – you build time to build and review habits of your traffic. Once you collect enough data you will be able to add / change or remove certain content from the site to fine tune campaign results. With these completed modifications in place you will be able to identify which of your SEO efforts are causing an improvement in ranking on the search engines.

Content Writing Services

Article Marketing Services basically include on writing content which focuses on SEO and your site or promoting product description and details, good SEO focused article give you better natural visibility …

Push Marketing – Popup Advertising

Popup Advertising is still one of the best modes of push marketing methods in online display arena. Even though Popunders have taken over to a great extent from popups, popup …

Full Page Advertising

Full Page Popunder ads available, Full page ads are best for Lead generation campaigns. With standard size for Popunder advertising for 800×600, we can serve your landing page URL as …

US Web Traffic – Popunder Advertising

US Popunder Traffic available, through our huge inventory presence in US we can deliver upto 1 million uniques per day for US Targeted Traffic. You always have choice to pick …

Remnant Popunder Ads

Remnant inventory for popunder is always available for sale, remnant is nothing but basically non premium unsold inventory impressions when are available for sale at better prices to clients / …

Do you build Micro sites projects?

Yes we do deal in small micro sites projects, micro sites ideally contain 3-5 pages which is good enough to represent advertisers or client business model to the visitors.

Tele-Marketing Lead Generation Services

Our Tele-marketing team also provides Lead generation services for various verticals, we mainly deal in Offline Shopping marketing campaigns, casino broadcasting campaigns, Weight loss lead generation campaigns and finance lead …

Does Popunder Traffic effects SEO performances?

Popunder Traffic does not affect SEO performance if delivered to some limited extent, google and search engines analyze the regular traffic levels and if you maintain genuine regular traffic levels …

Do you buy or sell data?

We do both buying and selling data, we provide a complete data market place for out clients and vendors. What ever data is decent we get it listed on the web site and is available for sale so that our client can send quotes against it. Once the client quotes on the data we confirm the prices with our vendors and if they agree we close the deal. We make sure that we get only clean database available for sale which is opted in and ethically generated, we generate in all sort of databases

Contextual Publisher Pop under traffic

Contextual Publisher pop under traffic works on completely different fundamentals and technology approach, here URL targeting options are not available so targeting is only done via Keywords. Adserving technology identifies …

Global Popunder Traffic Reach

We have a global reach of over 3 million unique popunder traffic a day, our expansive reach allow us to support mass branding & highly targeted campaigns & advertisers.Global Reach: …

Contextual Banner Advertising

Contextual Banner advertising or contextual ads for banners are targeted by content on the web page; they are targeted to the similar content and keywords which appear in meta tags …

US eMail Marketing Solutions

For US email marketing solutions we focus on sending email shots to targeted and Opted in US email list we have, these lists are generated online and maintained on weekly …

Popunder & Popup Ads

In the world there are million people and each person have different definition for pop under advertisement. Languages, scripting were different but all have same meaning. Pop-under ads are basically …

What is SEO?

Once it comes to building or advertising your website, you must have come across the term SEO or search engine optimization. So what precisely is search engine optimization and why is it essential? In the simplest term, SEO is a process which allow you to increase the web traffic flow that comes to your website. This in turn helps you to get enhanced revenue through your Website. It is a part of search engine marketing which mainly helps in promoting or selling your brand.For SEO, certain special keywords are used that are allied to your website. So when someone searches for the particular keyword on the search engines, the search engines would enlist your website on the page and the person would be going to to your website. So, search engine optimization helps in enhancing your ranking with the search engines and push quality and the quantity of traffic flow to your Website.

Online Adserving technology

Talking about Asderving technologies and online media adserving industry, Adserving plays a vital role in Online media, Adserving is mainly responsible for the media ads delivery and optimization to provide …

Pay per Click Vs Search Optimization

In terms of site optimization PPC and Search optimization is equally important, both of them are major sources to drive quality search traffic to your web site. Where to invest more as per resources are concerned depends on what your long term goals are? Regardless of choice, its very important to have right traffic optimization tools in place for analysis of both Search optimization and PPC Campaigns. This is very important to get you good returns and both of them can each other mutually in one way or the other.

Native Exit Traffic

Targeted english speaking native exit traffic for US, Canada, Australia and UK. Price per click starting 2 cents per click onwards.

SEO Focused – Content Development Solutions

We provide content development solutions which focus on SEO based content, we have a team which expertise on content development & hence focuses on writing fresh web content for your web sites and allows you to add more of quality content stuff with focused keyword’s which allow you to get better Search / natural rankings in search engines. We have a dedicated team of writers which can get you quality and fresh content focused on the keywords on client preference, providing web focused & seo focused content allows client with more dynamic content development approach.

Desktop – Download Popunder Ads

Desktop Only inventory available for Mac and Windows. Best converting inventory for Download / Install campaigns, with Category relevant website inventory. Price for targeted Desktop only download campaigns start $1 CPM onwards.

Forex Popup Traffic

Forex Popup Traffic starting @ $0.50 CPM, Category targeted inventory & Keyword targeted inventory options. Reach Forex / Finance targeted audience with Meta Keyword targeting options.

Can I hire an NON English writer?

For NON- English needs we cover Spanish, Italian, Hindi, French and German languages so far, translators can also be arranged for other languages on client request if required, you can …

Do I get any discount for bulk media buying?

For Media Buying – Popunder and banner advertising, we can consider some additional discount in case client or advertiser is interested in making payments for the bulk buying for campaign over 10 thousand USD and over. These rates and discounts will vary with the inventory allocation and availability at the time of campaign booking. Client or Advertiser can always email us for the details and updates on the same.

Do you offer Media Solutions for “European” geographies?

Yes we provide exclusive Media Solutions for European countries, mainly expertise in Display advertising for Popunder, banner, text cpc advertising, email marketing. We also support advertising and services in native languages; Display Advertising in Native languages helps building up ROI’s to a better extent.

UK Email List Data

3rd party email list available for sale with below fields:-SurnameEmail idAddressPost Code

Buying Data Online…

Data buying selling marketplace has one of the growing markets in last 3 years, with an exponential rise in number of call centers and direct marketing and advertising companies which …

Mobile Casino industry

Although traditional casino games such as slots, video poker and roulette have been the most popular mobile games, interest in bingo and sportsbook is growing fast among mobile players. As mobile web usage continues to grow rapidly. More operators are entering the online gaming market. Actually the last year itself saw an effective increase over 150% in usage and an over 300% rise in data traffic, but since mobile devices differ so much from PC’s, mobile players behavior is rather unique. So affiliates should understand mobile player habits and behavior so that they can evaluate whether a casino, bingo, or sportsbook product is suited for mobile play.

Adwords back to Online gaming industry

Since oct 08, companies in the Online gaming industry have been able to advertise their services to google web searches in UK. This has allowed online gaming advertisers a big …

Blogging Services – Content writing solutions

Display media solutions with provides you Blogging Services which include blog writing and blog submissions. We work for you to keep your blog posted up to date about your updates, with our blog content writing services and blog updating services. We provide dedicated support team to handle blogging projects and fresh content writing allows you to get more traction for the blog subscribers.

CPC Text Ad Specification

We have Text ad Specification as below:-Title: 50 charDescription: 250 charURL (display and tracker): 400 char For Serving Ads we need to stick to the above specifications, to make sure …