Contextual Banner Advertising

Contextual Banner advertising or contextual ads for banners are targeted by content on the web page; they are targeted to the similar content and keywords which appear in meta tags & site content. This sort of targeting is similar to what is done by Google Adsense. This is the best alternate to Google Adsense advertising. Unlike Adsense only banner creative ads are served matching the content, with advertiser having the control of keyword’s targeting, geographic targeting and daily traffic capping – campaign can be effectively optimized considering all the features to optimum used Keyword targeted advertising drives better CTR for the creative and advertisers get value for money and more effective web exposure. We have a publisher base of 1200+ web sites which drive’s massive traffic and media exposure to your ads. Contextual advertising allows you to drill down the inventory to suit your campaign requirement and targeting. All Ad unit’s are available with contextual banner ads