Structural Search Optimization (SSEO)

Once you are ready with the target market and a health list of keywords, we can start optimizing the web site for the targeted reach. Benefits of search optimization:- firstly The Traffic generate will not create an expense per visitor as with PPC, secondly by having analytics in place for the content, the campaign trends and behaviors can be easily tracked, this will allow you to identify attractive and converting traffic.

The real key to SEO is time – you build time to build and review habits of your traffic. Once you collect enough data you will be able to add / change or remove certain content from the site to fine tune campaign results. With these completed modifications in place you will be able to identify which of your SEO efforts are causing an improvement in ranking on the search engines.

With SEO the amount of data to analyze is quite vast as compared to PPC where it’s a simple measurement of which ads are generating revenue against those which are not. With SEO it depends on many more factors like: traffic, source, page / site structure, value of content, amount of back links and quality of those back links sources. When reviewing the results from your campaigns you need to identify the metrics that are most suitable to your business model and use them to measure the success of your search engine marketing strategies.

At the end of the day, the amount of time you should be investing on SEO and PPC really depends on the scope of your market and the variety of services you are promoting.