Banner Advertising as Branding Solutions

Banner Advertising has come out to be the biggest online media branding source, with huge global reach and presence of banner advertising its easier to reach huge audience size with less spend and more effectiveness. We have a global Media banner advertising reach of over 13 million unique per day, which means over 13 million people see you banner ad actually running on the web site, those who click on it and come to your site can be categories as the volume of those visitors who were interested in acquiring more information about the product. So although some % of people clicked the banner ad appearing on the web site.. still all of the visitors saw your ads, very much like watching it on TV or any commercial bill board stuff. So you reached 13 million people who have your product name is mind in just one day’s marketing effort of yours. This type of advertising solution is best for Mass Media proportional & Branding stuff which can be seen on TV. Banner ads provides you massive exposure and visibility to users, so promoting b2c products for branding is always a good options. Industries which do deal in such advertisings and mass media campaigns are Casino, Shopping etc, where they looking to reach consumers and trying to create an impression about their product and services