SEO top tips

Some of the best things to do to get on the better side of Search engine ranking are: first “Use social book marking web sites for short term ranking boost and blogs and forums to establish longer term value”, second “target universal search results” and third “Create a Link Acquisition Campaign”.In a social book marking system, user store list to internet resources that they find useful. These lists are accessible to public or a specific network, and other people with similar interest can view it. Most of the social book marking web sites do allow users to search for the book marks which are associated with the given tags and these resources are ranked by the number of people connected to it. This is one of the way to get increased rankings, back links and traffic, for very little time. So its always good to establish free accounts with some social book marking web sites like Digg, Furl etc. Some of the elements that google looks into while grading a web site are: how much time average visitors are spending on the web site, what is the bounce rate on the landing page, how many end users book marked the page and how many users returned to the search query and then went on to visit the other web site?Targeting universal results has also been an option, google has turned off their supplemental filter and each time a query is entered they virtually searches their whole database for best relevant results, this has effectively increased the listing for articles, .doc, .xls, .pdf and video’s. PDF’s are coming up as search results more often lately so this can be significant; video is incredibly always been viral.Link building – you need to set up some sort of budget for it, budget in terms of money and time both. You can either buy the links or do two way linking, to maintain a good sit ranking we need to maintain a good ration between them.