Role of email marketing is display media

We should know what Email marketing actually is. It is a new approach of marketing or promoting a product, services, or brand through electronic mail. It can be used in two ways, you can use it to improve the relationship between a business and its customer or you can use it to gain new customers. But now the question is about the role of email marketing in display media. At the beginning we should know that what display media is. It is a visual media where we see the displayed materials. Anything related to computer lies in display media. Email marketing plays a big role in display media because we believe in visualization. It can be anything. Nowadays most of the people have the internet connection and that is why most of the business houses are using Email marketing to draw the attention of potential customers. First, it is cheaper than other mail services because it does not require any postage, printing or material expenses. It is completely self service so that you can easily avoid the agency cost as well. It is much more cost effective than other mail services. It costs hardly some fraction of penny per mail. Secondly, it is really effective because you can easily catch a great number of customers in a very short span of time. You can easily get the email ids of potential customers by source, interest or subscription services.