Online Adserving technology

Talking about Asderving technologies and online media adserving industry, Adserving plays a vital role in Online media, Adserving is mainly responsible for the media ads delivery and optimization to provide advertiser or client’s ROI. There are various third party adserving technologies used for this, some of them being as established as DART, ATLAS, RIGHT MEDIA and ZEDO.

Benefits of having an adserving technology or platform in place is that it allows you to have more categorized and canalized media flow which plays big role in Media delivery and optimization, such a third party effective delivery platforms provide you features like Advertiser login, Publisher login, complete campaign detailing, advance targeting features like geo targeting, frequency capping, day parting, daily capping etc. every third party adserver has different data base support and sources for ip address and targeting options, so at times one does observe some discrepancies in numbers while using multiple adservers or using them for arbitrage or other Media advertising phenomenon. DART is one of the most established adserver along with RIGHT MEDIA EXCHANGE, between them they capture about 55% or the industry share, not just that there are many free open source and inhouse adservering platforms available as well which can be incorporated if you have good web development support team to work on it inhouse. OpenX is one of the better free sources adserver, A company with good inhouse web development team usually prefers building their own dynamic adserving solution them self just to cut out the costing for it, and this also can be used for a longer time frame.