Vehicle Tracking System


The telematics system has been tested in UK and is working properly in thousands of vehicles across UK. This out of the box solution is 100% safe & reliable as it is being launched after a long extensive research and will work under any circumstances. We have more then twenty one thousand fleets running on our system in UK.


The out of the box software solution has been developed not only for tracking a vehicle’s position at any given moment but to monitor vehicle’s activities throughout the day at any point of time. It requires installation of automatic vehicle location hardware to find latitude, longitude and direction of the vehicle. It helps not only in monitoring location but also monitors the speed, fuel requirements and other vehicle maintenance requirements like tune-ups and inspection of the fleet. It regularly keeps reporting the fleet status. We offers an integrated web-enabled solution to keep vehicle, fleet and back-office in synchronization with each-other.


Using Vehicle Tracking unit, you get an advantage of:

  • 24×7 support
  • Reports on-demand to help you take decisions strategically and timely.
  • Alerts that are required when you are focusing on business.
  • Display of vehicle positions on the map.
  • Today’s journey shows details at a click of button of where the vehicle went in the whole day on the map.
  • You can mark designating points and areas of interests and can get alerts the moment your vehicle reaches in the vicinity.
  • Find routes between two or more locations.
  • Alerts for situations demanding attention like over speeding, theft etc.
  • Meaningful and parameterized reports with graphical displays.
  • Customizable reports as per the requirements.
  • Manage various User Groups to provide user specific view of the information.
  • Standard Reports as well bespoke reports available in the solution. Some of the standard reports are:


Feel free to request commercials suitable to your requirements, email us [email protected]