Banner Advertising Solutions

Contextual Banner Advertising

Contextual Banner advertising solutions work on site content, the working platform is similar to adsense.

Floating Banner Ads

Floating banner ads are more like layer ads with popup, they appear on top of web pages and grab the user attraction.

Category Banner Ads

We can target various categories for serving Banner ads, we can target categories like Dating, social networking, casino, gaming, adult etc for traffic delivery.

Expandable Banner Ads

These ads are placed on the top of pages with sizes like 728×90 and they expand with drop downs when someone scrolls on them.

Remnant Banner Traffic – for Branding

Remnant unused Banner traffic is also available for cheaper prices, but we don’t gurantee any delivery commitments for this, only unsold left over Banner traffic, Best fit for mass branding Banner camapigns.

Banner Advertising – Features

  • Upto 1/30 days unique Banner traffic
  • Content targeting options available
  • 100% delivery commitments
  • Can be targeted to any Geographic location
  • Global Reach of over 12 million per day
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Reporting support