Evolution of email marketing

Marketing or ad mails have become a daily part of our cyber life but the way of internet marketing is been not same throughout the time. It has been changing with the advancement of cyber technology. In the past email were basically used to leaving a note on someone’s desk so that when the user logged in then he/she came to see it. At the beginning it was called mailbox and it was used in the era of 1965 and that time sending email was known as SNDMSG which means “send messages”. There were hardly 100 users who used this service. There were many people who used a “dumb terminal” to connect to the mainframe. Actually that dumb terminal did not have any memory or actual storage to use this service. This technology was used before inter networking so only people with the same computer could use that service. When a computer began to work with other computer through network and email became much more popular then the concept of email marketing evolved from it. Today a person can send thousands of mails in a fraction of second and now almost every business are using the service of email marketing