Choosing Frequency Cap for Popunder Targeting

Frequency capping options available for Popunder targeting allows you to choose on delivery on uniques traffic options. Standard Frequency capping of 1/24 hours allow clients to target per day unique visitors, this make sure that the same visitor is not reached with in 24 hrs time, this capping can be extended upto one months time. This 30 days targeting extended feature allows clients to target wide variety of inventory. We allow targeting from 1 per 1 hr to 1 per 30 days. Higher frequency capping allows reaching selected visitors but causes traffic volume drop where as correct use of frequency capping also helps in retargeting the visitors too. For better results 1/24 hrs frequency capping is best.

Popunder Traffic Available starting from $1 CPM onwards

We can start with the delivery with in 24 business hrs, once payments are through