What is E-mail Marketing?

With the advancement of internet we often hear “Email marketing” but we should know what Email marketing actually is. It is a new approach of marketing or promoting a product, services, or brand through electronic mail. It can be used in two ways, you can use it to improve the relationship between a business and its customer or you can use it to gain new customers. But now the question is how to get the email address of potential customers. There are mainly three ways, first you can pay a particular fees to use subscription service, second pay a fee to an email broker or last one is referrals from current customers. You can use the combination of three methods also.

It is definitely popular because it is much reasonable than other traditional mail marketing. It does not require any kinds of printing or postage fees because email itself a free service. The most lucrative aspect of email marketing is that it can easily reach a great number of customers within a short time. There are many companies which uses the special promotion codes and coupons in their marketing mail. If you are planning to go for email marketing then make sure that it maintains the spam laws.