Library Management System


The system has been tested in our labs and has cleared all tests positively. This out of the box solution is 100% safe & reliable as it is being launched after a long extensive research and will work under any circumstances. The system can easily manage over 10 000 books and it is so much robust that these tags can be reused up to 40 years.


The out of the box software solution has capabilities of managing more than 10 000 books and has been developed not only for maintaining issue and return of books but also manages the stocks of the books. It also gives a personalized touch to the members of the library when the get a book issued or return a book. It requires installation of RFID tags on all the books available in library and RFID readers to be installed on the exit points and book issue/return counters. It can also help in searching a book, issuing/reissuing books, counting and maintaining stocks and it can also keep an eye over the theft of books.


Using Library Management system, you get an advantage of:

  • Nobody has to stand in any queue for getting a book issued or returned; they can easily keep it in front of a pallot box to get it issued and drop it in another pallot box to return it.
  • Nobody can slip away with a book that has not been issued to him/her. In case someone tries to do so, alarms are raised.
  • Easier to keep books in place and in order. For e.g.: There are very less chances of a history book getting mixed up within Chemistry books in Chemistry books shelf, may be because of same colour. Human eyes may get foxed once due to the same colour but if the RFID tag has been placed correctly, it can be easily detected that the book is being mixed up and the book can be then kept in place.
  • Easier to maintain the records for the books in the library. The manual effort of counting the books is saved a lot.


2 Pallot Boxes: Two pallot boxes will be installed, one for getting the books issued and other for returning the books. 1 RFID Reading Device: A handheld RFID Reading device will be needed to add the new books to the library and to check whether the books have been placed in order or not. 1 Gate for Entry & Exit: One unified door for entry & exit will help the system perform well, as it will be able to take care of a book being stolen or so.


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