Online Media Drift

Consumers have been switching more towards Online advertising from traditional retailers, this can be easily taken under consideration after checking out the effective growth stats for last few years. The recession has pushed up the rise of a new breed of consumers who usually research big-ticket items as well as daily purchases online.

Retail e-commerce quarterly sales estimates around recession on consumer spending in 2008, Online sales (except travel) increased 4.7% in 2008, but growth slowed progressively by next quarter. By Q4 2008, sales actually were approx 4.89%—making the holiday shopping season a murky time for online retailers. As disappointing as sales were online, retail business sales (almost all of which represents store sales) were even more tame in 2008. Sales shrank 0.7% for the year and each quarter produced less growth than in the e-commerce channel. Consumers are increasingly researching online prospects, yet they have reined in their spending. The years of double-digit growth rates are in the past. After the slow growth in 2008, however for the expected yr the stats are expected to improve for the whole 2009.

But the facts and figures have proven a good drift from offline to online industry, which is good news for DOT COM industry, with consumers approach towards the online media industry, Media solution industry is also getting mote focus on things like online advertising and internet marketing solutions. With trend drifting to Online media solution consumers are happier since its becoming far too easier to do cheaper and best quality shopping.