Display Advertising – Online and Offline

Display advertising has been an effective way of brand promotion for both offline and online product selling. Offline Display marketing approach includes various branding products promoting several brands with little logo on it, most common example being a pen with ebay.com logo, this is one of the way to promote ebay.com offline. Most common offline branding products being pens, pen stands, paper weights, Display Boards, Display Frames, Display Showcases.An offline Display Advertising industry is little different from an Online display advertising industry, an Online Display Advertising I all about getting more Online visibility, getting Media space across all the possible online channels likes Banner and popunder ad placements across various web sites, buying email marketing space across different online marketing newsletter media for established mailing lists, buying media for Video ads and other text ads and XML feeds etc.Online Display Advertising is rather a easier way for brand promotion since it is far more effective, it is however a non- existence mode of marketing since the user can’t practically touch the display ads but they are still very effective and comprehensive from point of view of leaving an impact on the user. Global Display Advertising market has grown to over 8 billion users in past few years and has made it a very effective mode of mass branding solution.