CPC Text advertising an alternate to PPC

CPC Text ads are coming up as an good alternate to PPC Campaigns, with Text ads and XML ads featuring a very competitive CPC’s in range of 2 cents per click against a min of 10 cents for pay per click campaigns Text CPC ads have become a better option for the client to look at driving the potential clients to their web sites, to add to the effectiveness for the Text ads CPC stuff the min CPC’s as low as 2 cents also get’s you a volume in access of 5K clicks per day where as looking at even 10 clicks per day on Pay per click campaigns is very tough if you consider min biddings on Google adwords & Overture. To make sure that the quality of the traffic is maintained text ads can be made vey specific to the product selling, this ensures that the person who clicks has strong intend towards the product. The only difference between the CPC text ads & PPC is CPC text ads search based ads with ad placements on the web sites where as pay per click ads is focused to Search results & content sites both. So with CPC Text ads client restricts their approach only to content based sites for Text ads. With our global network on web sites and XML feeds we can ensure you over 20K clicks a day at a cost of 2 cents per click across the globe, to add to it you can opt to have it keyword specific targeted too for little more. All dynamic features and targeting options are available with CPC text ads.