US Popunder Traffic

One of the fastest growing market for Popunder Traffic has actually been US market, with US being one of the major targeted country after European countries and Canada and US has been observed to be biggest consumer for US Popunder Traffic. The reason for such a consumption being fearless shopping and expanding online US communities and approach to shop online; just for that reason it has been the first to hit target for the companies selling online products.77% of the online Web stores Target US Market, 45% of them prefer promoting via US Popunder Traffic, Nearly 60% also move into other promotional methods like PPC Adwords and SEO etc, but the significant thing is ration for pushing it in US for branding traffic has been mainly influenced by the Popunder media and web traffic driven by Online Media like Pops and banners. With a effective targeting approach they prove to be one of the major branding promotion source for big shopping companies.Projects for year 2009 is big, as per old stats estimates expected year 2010 and 2011 will see a growth rate in excess of 155% for the popunder traffic and advertising business, which is a very good news for the online media buying industry