Why email marketing?

We all know that marketing is the main key of any kind of business and there are various types of marketing strategies but why email marketing all of a sudden!! Yes it is agreed that there are many types of marketing approaches are available in the market but email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. You can get a great output by spending a short amount of time and little amount of money in email marketing. I can show you some great reasons for choosing email marketing to expand your business.

First, it is cheaper than other mail services because it does not require any postage, printing or material expenses. It is completely self service so that you can easily avoid the agency cost as well. It is much more cost effective than other mail services. It costs hardly some fraction of penny per mail.

Secondly, it is really effective because you can easily catch a great number of customers in a very short span of time. You can easily get the email ids of potential customers by source, interest or subscription services.

Third, it is measurable also because here you can easily count that how many people saw your mail and click there so that you can easily estimate the progress.

Fourth, it is really easier than other marketing ways So now you can easily understand the importance of email marketing tools.