Adwords back to Online gaming industry

Since oct 08, companies in the Online gaming industry have been able to advertise their services to google web searches in UK. This has allowed online gaming advertisers a big boost with adwords as a tool for driving relevant and targeted web traffic to their web sites, increasing traffic and new player acquisition. Since we know what this means for both online gaming and affiliates alike and offer practical advice on how best to started and succeed with adwords, Google content network remains off limits, white listed gambling advertisers can target display ads to relevant search pages on you tube on GB, Ireland and Italy, this now allows many gambling advertisers to increase their reach and acquisition potential.Affiliates that offer rich unique content such as industry news, forums, pro poker blog’s, how to’ guides an the like will be best placed to succeed with adwords, the reason for this being that not only will such affiliates provide a richer offering for users looking to read up on the world of online gaming and choose their best site for them but it will help the adwords system to determine their landing page more relevant and in turn allocate them a higher quality score.Adwords rewards relevancy. Much like our nature search results, google ranks ads based on number of relevancy factors including landing page quality, percentage of clicks received and the relevance of ads served.